HP Pavilion dv9700t
  HP/Compaq nx6110


FreeBSD Laptops

If you're here, you want to know about running FreeBSD on laptops! Good news - there is plenty of information out there.

I have successfully run and installed FreeBSD 7.0 on two HP laptops - the Pavilion dv9700t and the Compaq nx6110. The links will take you to pages with a lot more information on how to do it!

In most cases, running the most recent version of FreeBSD is the right thing to do if you're looking for maximum laptop compatibility. This is because only the latest FreeBSD releases add support for Intel HDA audio, some of the more advanced ACPI CPU features like frequency scaling/throttling, some of the newer wireless network cards, and a host of other hardware.

In general, FreeBSD hardware support for laptops lags behind Linux support. This is mainly because FreeBSD's core competency is server performance, not desktop support. However, FreeBSD on the desktop is extremely usable, and the most popular desktop environments are all fully supported and work extremely well. GNOME and KDE both have dedicated FreeBSD dev teams. You can also run any other ported windowing environment of your choice - like XFCE. There are many in the FreeBSD Ports Collection - do a search in the x11, x11-wm, and x11-themes categories.

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