Chapter 29 Network Servers

Table of Contents
29.1 Synopsis
29.2 The inetd “Super-Server”
29.3 Network File System (NFS)
29.4 Network Information System (NIS/YP)
29.5 Automatic Network Configuration (DHCP)
29.6 Domain Name System (DNS)
29.7 Apache HTTP Server
29.8 File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
29.9 File and Print Services for Microsoft® Windows® clients (Samba)
29.10 Clock Synchronization with NTP
29.11 Remote Host Logging with syslogd
Reorganized by Murray Stokely.

29.1 Synopsis

This chapter will cover some of the more frequently used network services on UNIX® systems. We will cover how to install, configure, test, and maintain many different types of network services. Example configuration files are included throughout this chapter for you to benefit from.

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